Bob and George
Friday, May 25th, 2001 #406
The Second Megaman Game Mega Hamlet
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Somewhere around this point, I had received an email from someone critiquing my writing and comic book writing in general. The author of the email said the characters rarely develop much of a personality, it seems like every storyline is centered around a conflict, and all the characters ever do is react to that conflict and the circumstances surrounding it. My writing, specifically, was compared to that of Super Friends.

Well, I certainly can't argue with the general idea, as if you follow the storylines throughout the comic, it really is just one conflict after another with the characters responding to it. But, frankly, where would the interest be if there were no conflicts? I argue that if you examine pretty much every story ever told, it's always about some type of conflict with the characters in that story responding to it, whether it's people versus society or person versus self.

Or at least the interesting stories.

Anyway, this comic was a tongue-in-cheek response to that criticism, showing that I am, in fact, somewhat well read, even if my writing doesn't necessarily reflect that. The comic overall, I argue, is written in this simplistic good-versus-evil way as a matter of choice, not due to my inability to articulate. Though, now that I think about it, all this comic really does is show that I can copy and paste Shakespeare quotes, so maybe it wasn't the best counter-argument.

And for those Shakespeare fans out there, you might recognize that all of the quotes in the comic, save one, are from Hamlet, mostly because that's the one I'm most familiar with. I leave it to you, dear reader, to figure out which one isn't... though, if you know your Shakespeare, the answer should be obvious, even if you can't stand Hamlet.

Oh, and the Shakespearian Universe made an appearance right near the end of the comic.
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