Wednesday, May 1st, 2002 #744
The Third Megaman Game An Ophidian Ruse
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This comic raised quite a bit of argument over whether or not Snake Man should have been incapacitated by the EMP. My reasoning behind it is that, as I've explained before, an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) is essentially an uncontrolled release of massive amounts of electromagnetic energy. When that energy interacts with metallic objects, it tends to cause massive amounts of current to flow through those objects. In regular electronics, this can cause havoc, since not only will you get electrical arcs between wires, shorting out your equipment, but the massive currents in the wiring itself can burn out and/or melt that wiring.

Now, if you put something like a properly grounded metal cage between the source of the EMP and your electronics, that metallic cage can absorb that energy and shield your electronics from the effects of the EMP. This is the basic concept behind a Faraday cage, which is used to shield sensitive electronics from errant EM fields, but on a more massive scale, since we're dealing with quite a bit more energy than your typical background EM radiation.

So, my idea is that in the previous comic, Snake Man put his tail down at the last second, allowing his outer shell to act as a Faraday cage for his internal electronics. The harmful electric surge flowed through his outer shell and tail to the ground, leaving him unharmed. Hence he's able to attack Mega Man in today's comic. Basically, I wanted some way for a Robot Master to counteract Mega Man's EMP.

By the way, smart Mega Man is a sadistic jerk.
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