Wednesday, April 25th, 2001 #376
The Second Megaman Game Metal Man's Second Attack
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Speaking of reusing old jokes, here's something of another one.

You know, this comic brings up another problem I have with not just Megaman games, but many video games. Why do the enemies always use the same tactic over and over? I mean, if I were Metal Man and Mega Man successfully avoided one metal blade, I wouldn't just through another one; I'd throw two or three at a time. Let's see him jump over that.

Hey Bowser, if Mario keeps jumping over you and cutting the one rope that holds your bridge up, how about using two ropes? Or maybe not leaving a convenient axe nearby? Or how about a complete redesign? Do you really need the bridge over the lava pit in the first place?

But no, same patterns over and over. Sure, I know that it's a programming thing, but it's not very realist...? Oh wait, nevermind. I forgot I was talking about a comic about a video game featuring a little robot boy in blue underwear.

I suppose the whole thing is moot, since as you can see from this comic, the same tactic is working for Metal Man the second time around.
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