Bob and George
Saturday, April 28th, 2001 #379
The Second Megaman Game Mega Man Pisses Off the Wooden Boy
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So, is Wood Man made entirely of wood, or it is just his exterior? I mean, how would someone even build a robot entirely of wood? What about the circuits and programming? Do you use some sort of wooden circuits and wooden wires? Because I'm no electrical engineer or anything, but I'm pretty sure that wouldn't work.

Maybe he's got wooden gears or something... like something they would've built back in ancient Greece. But then, they'd probably have to be really, really small and complicated to accomplish something as complex as a bipedal, nearly autonomous robot. And how would you program something like that? Tiny little wooden, digital switches? Would that even be considered digital? Maybe you could write the instructions on little wooden CDs... or maybe LPs would work better. I wonder if Wood Man has a little wooden record player inside him.

The reason I'm picking on Wood Man for his wooden nature is simply that I already did the suggestive name schtick with Flash Man, and I didn't want to repeat myself so soon.
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