Bob and George
Friday, April 13th, 2001 #364
The Second Megaman Game Those Pesky Spikes
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When it became clear that I was starting to work on the Second Megaman Game storyline, one of the things the fans said they most wanted to see was more time spent with the Robot Masters. If you recall, in the first game parody, Mega Man only spent a few comics with each Robot Master before he defeated them and moved on. I mean, Fire Man only lasted a single comic. So with the second game, I decided to make the encounters last longer, usually by having Mega Man mess around with the Robot Masters rather just fighting them, as seen here.

Now, one of the first things you might notice about today's comic is that Mega Man is using reverse psychology on Bubble Man, clearly with the intention of getting Bubble Man to run himself into the spikes. This certainly seems far too intelligent for Mega Man, which leads to serious questions about Mega Man's stupidity programming. I rationalized the whole thing by pointing out that when Dr. Light "fixed" Mega Man's programming, all he did was make sure that Mega Man's primary objective was to fight Robot Masters. In my mind, then, this means that when he's facing off against Robot Masters, his secondary object, to be an idiot, falls away and he can actually be quite clever. Although, in reality, this was merely to allow me to be clever in his place.

Of course, it's all really much simpler than that. The basis for nearly all of my jokes is the classic straight man routine. Whenever two characters are paired up, I always need one to be smart and clever, while the other is a doofus, idiot, moron, nincompoop, etc. Normally Mega Man occupies the doofus position, except when facing off with Robot Masters. In those situations, the Robot Masters, with their much more diverse abilities and "personalities", fill that role, leaving Mega Man to be the clever character.
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