Thursday, April 12th, 2001 #363
The Second Megaman Game Bubble Man's Plan
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I don't know about you, but I hate spikes. I can't count the number of times I've been playing a Mega Man game, and Mega Man inadvertantly brushes against some spikes and friggin' explodes. There's no damage reduction, no near misses, he just explodes and dies. If you ask me, they are, by far, the worst enemy in all the Megaman games. I'd rather take on Wily and Sigma in succession that face a room rull of tricky jumps and spikes. I hates them.

Also, you might notice that the situation has somewhat reversed itself from the previous comic. First Mega Man wanted to bypass all the talking and get straight to the fighting, and now Bubble Man has taken that position. I could argue that what Mega Man really wanted to do was bypass the useless posturing, and now he's collecting tactical information before the fight ensues. And now Bubble Man wants to get to the fight, since if can't do his posturing, he doesn't want to stand around and talk. But I think we both know that it's really just poor writing and I was hoping no one would notice.
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