Tuesday, April 3rd, 2001 #354
The Party Scenes From the Party
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For the third animated comic, I thought it would be fun to put together one of those large, single-panel comics I had been using for holidays and special occasions, and then animate it. I suppose it's the laziest form of animated comics, but I like 'em.

In the first part, we see a drinking joke from Mega Man, harkening back to my birthday. That's followed by another drinking joke with Dr. Light, with a hand sprite I made by copying the index finger from his regular pointing sprite. The third part, with George, is a reference to Alternate George getting his eyes poked out by Alternate Beat.

And lastly, we have poor Nate being tortured by X, for really no good reason other than the fact he won't talk. At this point in the comic, while nothing had yet been established saying Nate couldn't talk, I think it had just been accepted that Nate didn't. This comic probably reinforces the idea that Nate can't talk, since if he could, why wouldn't he under these circumstances?

By the way, you might notice a slight graphical error near the end of this comic. When Nate is struggling at the end of his rope, the rope above X's text box doesn't wiggle with the rest of the rope. Originally, Nate wasn't going to struggle, but I thought it would be funny, so I added it at the last minute and didn't feel like going back to fix that rope. After all, changing things like that when you're using a GIF animator can be a pain in the ass.
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