Tuesday, April 2nd, 2002 #715
The Second Party Mike the Interviewer, Part One
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Rather than regular animation, which takes forever, I decided instead to opt for doing multi-frame comics. At first I thought about displaying them all at once, on top of one another, much like one of the Special Big Comics, but decided instead to put them together in Flash with a little interface. It takes up as much space as a regular comic, but has five times the content.

In the first frame, the elvish fellow on the left is Deccus. He was well known in the community as one of the first and best sprite artists. His comic, Warped Reality, is considered one of the better ones, and his sprites are featured in many other comics, including Author Wars. The sprites of Dr. Wily I used later were made by him, as well as many of the custom sprites I used in the Cataclysm movies.

The girl on the right side of the first frame is Chick Bot, the author of the comic Taco: The Comic, along with her costar, Ivy the fox. Chick Bot would have a much larger role in a later anniversary.

In the second frame, you can see one of Deccus's Dr. Wily sprites I mentioned a couple of paragraphs ago. There's also a reference to the exponentially increasing number of Megaman-based sprite comics on the internet, a phenomenon I was pretty much directly responsible for.

In the third frame, we have Kefka (in Megaman sprite form), author of Kefka's comics, and his costar George the Moogle. Also, on the left-hand side you can see another of (I believe) Deccus's creations, a 16-bit sprite of Dr. Cossack.

In the fourth frame, we have Ramnesis, author of the popular Jailhouse Blues. The lemon seeds make more sense if you read his comic. The situation here depicted a rivalry between Ramnesis and Deccus, mostly concerning the elevation of Ramnesis's comic from "fancomic" to "subcomic" and Deccus's jealousy. Deccus would be promoted himself later.

In the last frame, you can see the two Wily sisters, Slider and Techno. Slider was a character created by Suraida-chan, one of the community's resident artists, and Techno was a character that showed up in Rick's Oddball Fancomics. Both girls were prominently featured in Esper's The Primer Chronicles
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