Wednesday, April 3rd, 2002 #716
The Second Party Mike the Interviewer, Part Two
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In the first frame, on the left, talking to Chadling, is Goblez (not to be confused with Golbez from FF4), author of Goblez's Comics. And the two characters on the right are Travis and Dale, the authors of Project: Suck.

In the second frame, you can see another of Deccus's sprites, a 16-bit version of Kalinka Cossack. As I recall, most of the Cossack sprites were made specifically for Ran.

In the third frame, we have my first attempt at a sprite for Megami-chan, one of the two community artists. She was a fairly young member of the community, and Death, one of the message board/chat room administrators, seen on the right, acted as her big sister. Death really didn't want me to make a sprite of her, but as you can see, I did it anyway, though I promised to only use it for this one comic.

In the fourth frame, you can see a cameo from Plague, author of Misadventures, one of the longest running hosted comics. He's also the author of Fusion Adventures. If you've read those comics, you might notice that Plague used 32-bit sprites almost exclusively, especially in the later comics; when he cameoed in my comic, though, I always used his 16-bit sprites since they fit better with the bittages I use. Also, the joke in this frame is one of my favorites, and is referenced later and again.

In the sixth frame, we have the first of many appearances by Rick, author of Oddball Fancomics, one of the earliest and longest-running hosted comics (although most of that was because Rick went several years without updating). Rick's sprite, an early recolor, included a Met-hat, and people were always bugging him about what was under the hat. At some point, he joked that it was pink bishou hair. I took the joke one step further. Rick's bishou hair makes another appearance later in the comic.

And in the last frame, we've got an appearance by the Helmeted Author (aka Helmut) and Maverick Megami. As mentioned earlier, Megami created an evil version of herself in her artwork, and it made sense that my evil version and hers might hook up (though for no other reason than they were both evil). As you might be able to tell, she's just a Roll recolor, though I did make her taller by stretching her legs.
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