Sunday, March 31st, 2002 #713
Tales From a Parallel Time Last Minute Plotholes
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Okay, here's the idea. Bob has his blaster, right? And his blaster has the ability to open up portals to other dimensions, right? So if he were to go back to the Alternate Dimension, where they upgraded his blaster in the first place, they'd probably already have figured out time travel, so the Alternate Mega Man and Bass of the future could upgrade his blaster with that ability as well, right?

(Which is exactly what happens, as they have to then go and get it back from him later.)

There is one problem with this idea, though. As Bob points out, how did he get his blaster back from Mynd? Much like how Chadling showed up with Mynd and Mike, it was something of a plothole, so it ultimately became the Helmeted Author's doing.

Anytime there's an actual plothole that I can't simply go back and fix or find some sort of convoluted explanation for, I just throw out the Helmeted Author and say he did it. He's quite the useful little deus ex machina.

Since this was only going to be the second anniversary, I hadn't established that there was going to be special comics every year. I wanted to let the readers know that there'd be another party, and having an animated Mega Man and Proto Man announcing it in the blurb space seemed an appropriate way.
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