Thursday, March 7th, 2002 #689
The Third Megaman Game Blinded by the Light
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When I think up storylines for the comic, the first thing I usually do is think up a basic skeletal structure for the story. For the games, it's pretty easy: Mega Man fights the different Robot Masters, then Dr. Wily. Done.

The next step is to fill in that skeleton with a few good jokes for each Robot Master, maybe something related to their powers or their name, that sort of thing. Then I figure out how to connect those jokes and make the individual comics that work toward them.

For example, given Shadow Man's name and his ninja-esque qualities, my first thought was to have him fight in the dark. And when I started thinking about being in the dark, this is the first joke I came up with. So, in essense, everything prior to this comic was leading up to this joke.

First, since the lights had to be out for this comic, I had a comic with the lights going out. Then, I needed a comic in between to give Mega Man's eyes enough time to adjust to the darkness, so I threw a joke about Shadow Man haunting Mega Man's dreams, since it seemed like the sort of thing Shadow Man would say. It was only after the previous comics had set up the situation that I could do the joke I originally set out to accomplish.

Then I move on to the next good joke I have in mind, which was probably this comic.

All that being said, I basically already did this joke, didn't I?
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