Thursday, April 4th, 2002 #717
The Second Party Mike the Interviewer, Part Three
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In the second frame, the green Rush recolor was the sprite of a community member named Lupus (I think). I don't think he had a comic or was a major character in any other comics; he was just someone who hung out in the chatroom a lot. (Lots of chatroom members had their own sprites.)

In the third frame, we've got Alternate George, whose eyes are still bleeding. I have no idea why he's hanging out with Alternate Beat. Maybe they reconciled.

In the fourth frame, you can see X facing off against iX, author of Randomness, where the character is an alternate version of X that absorbed the evil energy from Megaman 8 or was infected by the Wily virus or something. That's actually an early design for iX, as he later modified his sprite to be more than just a recolor.

In the fifth frame, we have Liss, author of Super Ho, the first subcomic and the only completely hand-drawn comic hosted. As you can see, her sprite is essentially just a Roll sprite with a Met-hat and a "cloak of lurking", from all the time Liss spent in the chatroom without saying anything. The text in the black textbox is attached to Death, who's referencing a common mistake where people assume that Liss is the title character in her comic. It's a natural assumption, given how many fancomic authors did make themselves the main characters in their comics, but here it's incorrect.

Also, you can see a new sprite for Megami. After the previous comic with the sprite I made, some of the readers felt sent in their own versions to replace my admittedly poorer version. I mean, this one has a cute bell.

The rest of this comic wraps up with a word from the Author, where I basically just thank everyone for reading. It's interesting that I wasn't sure if I'd be doing the comic two years from this point. I'm not sure doing the comic for another five years had even entered my mind at this point.

Comics like this are also useful for keeping track of my daily readership. You can see here that I was already up to 10,000 per day. I believe the comic reached around 25,000 people per day at its peak.
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