Monday, March 18th, 2002 #700
Tales From a Parallel Time Run, Prometheus, Run
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As I mentioned during Prometheus's first appearance, I only had one sprite of him, so I had to make some more using Zero's sprites. I didn't have the spriting skill Deccus did, so I couldn't make a whole sprite sheet of Prometheus, but I was good enough to make a couple of simple edits.

While Prometheus's response may have seemed like an over-reaction at the time, put in the perspective of the last time Proto Man saw Bob, it's much more understandable.

I'm actually a little ashamed of this quip. I had finally been talked into putting a Paypal donation link on the front page, figuring that even if only a few percent of my readers bothered to donate anything, that could still be a significant amount of money for me. I was less than impressed at the results, prompting this quip.

I now realize that 0.01% is more likely the standard for straight-up donations and that berating my fans for not giving me money isn't appropriate.
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