Bob and George
Wednesday, January 28th, 2004 #1381
Helmeted Preparations Helmeted Revelations
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If that had been a real nuclear reactor, this would have been a ridiculously easy way to kill everyone in the lab all at once. As George/Helmut points out, you can't exactly outrun it, though I suppose everyone else could have teleported away.

In fact, you'd think Proto Man could have teleported away himself. Luckily, neither the Helmeted Author nor the audience thought of that.

Anyway, this was the big reveal, showing once and for all that it was not the real George and instead Helmut disguised as George. In fact, you eventually realize that this entire "weapons cache" was nothing more than a test, a temptation Proto Man knew Helmut couldn't resist, the perfect way to tell whether this was actually George or not. And Helmut failed.
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