Sunday, July 25th, 2004 #1560
The Fifth Megaman Game College Days
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That's actually Magneto in the third panel. I just added a bunch of fire effects. I honestly don't think Bob every looked like that, though I suppose he might have tried it out while "dabbling", and ultimately decided it was just too much effort to put on such an elaborate costume all the time.

Something to note is that in the second panel, you can see a girl with blue hair sitting next to Bob. That's actually Maris, a water nymph that dated both Bob and George in college. As is noted later, she eventually left them both for a wind sprite.

Additionally, something that surprised many readers is the implication here that George is the older brother, having gone off to college first. Again, that was something I'd always known, but apparently many readers thought Bob was the older brother, especially the way he's always bullying George. But no, George is the older brother, about a year older, so he went off to college first, with Bob following a year or two after.

"Tech" is the university that Bob and George both attended, though its full name was never given in the comics. As some of this is semi-autobiographical, "Tech" is based on the university that I attended, the "South Dakota School of Mines and Technology", sometimes referred to as simply the "School of Mines" or "Tech". It's an engineering school, exactly the sort of place George could study electrical engineering and Bob could study computer engineering. I obviously studied physics, as did Nate from the hand-drawn comics. (Though the real Nate was a math major.)

Why yes, I did put a lot of thought into this, didn't I?
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