Saturday, February 10th, 2001 #302
Tales From a Parallel Universe 1 George the Blind Serial Killer
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I was hoping the readers would figure out, as Bob just discovered, that in this universe Dr. Light wouldn't necessarily be the person to turn to for help (assuming he was even still alive). No, in this universe, the smartest people are probably Mega Man and Bass, though I think it's understandable why they wouldn't be the first ones you might think of.

Although, now that I'm thinking about it, I'm not sure how Bob would know that Mega Man and Bass are supposed to be stupid, given he's only been around for a month or two, and most of that was in the middle of a battle. Hell, he hasn't even met Bass or Dr. Light yet, so how would he know anything about who to turn to in a situation like this? Clearly this is a case of poor writing, where the character knows things he really shouldn't. Oh well.

As far as the punchline goes, you have to remember that George has only been blind for a few minutes, so he almost certainly could use a little help getting around, rather than just being abandoned in the middle of a room. Then again, no one likes Alternate George.
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