Bob and George
Sunday, June 3rd, 2001 #415
The Second Megaman Game Crash Man Attacks
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What's interesting about this comic is not that one of Dr. Wily's robots is turning against him, as Bass basically does exactly that later in the series, but what this comic lead to. You see, a reader going by the name FatSatan took the idea of Crash Man turning good and ran with it, resulting in a fairly popular sprite comic called "Crash and Bass".

To be honest, I don't know why I picked Crash Man to be the Robot Master to turn against Dr. Wily here. I suppose it seemed like a neat idea to have one of the Robot Masters turn on him, and seeing as how the audience hadn't actually seen Crash Man get destroyed, he was the ideal candidate.

Besides, if people kept screwing up my name all the time (Crash/Clash?), I might feel like turning against my father too... Oh, wait, they do. Do you have any idea how many people mispronounce "Anez"? For the record, I pronounce it "Uh-nez", like "a cat" or "a dog", "A nez". "Ay-nez" is also acceptable, as that's how my father often says it, but not "An-nez". And god help you if you try it all in one syllable like "ainz".

What's worse, some people instantly assume I'm Mexican or something because of the name. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.) For the record, "Anez" is the English spelling of the French pronounciation of "Agnes", which is Welsh, and my dark hair and eye color are from my maternal grandmother, who's Portugese.

And, on a completely unrelated note, "Agnes" translates to "sheep" or "lamb", and "David" is Hebrew for "beloved". So, in a sense, I'm a beloved lamb. I think someone made a sprite of that once.
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