Saturday, June 23rd, 2001 #435
Back in the Future Remember This?
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In case you're wondering, yes, those last two panels were copied directly from the original comic. I'm just that lazy.

One of the interesting things this comic reminds me is that since the events in "Just Another Day", the whole comic has pretty much been one long, continous, essentially uninterrupted story. Mega Man went crazy, which lead to the introduction of Bob and George, which lead to the attack of Bob and the opening of the random portal which Bass wondered into, leading to the second game parody, leading to Mega Man and X showing up in the past to start it all over again.

I suppose, though, one could argue that there was a bit of a break for most of the cast while the comic was focusing on Bob's first trip to an alternate dimension. But if you ignore breaks like those, then the whole comic after "Just Another Day" is pretty much one long, continuous story. Which I think is pretty cool.
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