Bob and George
Tuesday, June 12th, 2001 #424
The Second Megaman Game False Sense of Security
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I really like this comic. It makes me seem terribly clever. Or it makes Mega Man seem terribly clever, which is just plain wrong.

In fact, I think this may have been the point when people started theorizing about Mega Man and the connection between his primary objective and his intelligence. As mentioned before, the theory is that since Mega Man's primary objective is to defeat evil robots and Dr. Wily, when facing off against them, he doesn't act like an idiot. Yet another thing I wasn't really planning, but ran with anyway.

I think the idea for this comic occurred to me when I was thinking about time travel. If found myself several years in the past, could I check my email? Would I still remember my passwords from back then? And what if you traveled into the future? If you routinely change your passwords, as you probably should, what things would you still be able to access? And it occurred to me that if Dr. Wily didn't want robot duplicates, clones, or time-traveling versions of himself to gain access to his creations, he might have some sort of password protection on them.
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