Thursday, June 21st, 2001 #433
Back in the Future Too Many Mega Men
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This comic isn't really necessary, but I wanted to give the readers one more day to figure out what was going on. Besides, I liked X's punchline.

This situation reminds me of something I read about concerning the second Back to the Future movie. It seems that if you do the math, there are a surprising number of DeLoreans scattered around 1955 while Marty and Doc Brown are trying to get the almanac back. First there's the original car that the original Marty had in the first movie; there's the car Biff stole in 2015 that he's taken back to give himself the almanac; there's the car that Doc and Marty are using to try to stop Biff; and, depending on how you view time, there could also be a fourth one that's been sitting in that mine since 1885.

That last one is debatable, since some people might argue that the car in the mine didn't appear until after Doc Brown was struck by lightning, went back in time, and put the car in the mine. Though, once the ripple occurred, hadn't it been there when the other three cars were?
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