Bob and George
Monday, June 4th, 2001 #416
The Second Megaman Game Crash Man Tries
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While I haven't played the final battle myself, it's my understanding that the Wily Alien is actually a hologram, though that would seem to raise even more questions. How in the world can Mega Man defeat a hologram? Does he destroy the emitter instead? Does he just overload the machine? How exactly does he win that fight? Well, whatever happens, I know the Wily Alien doesn't actually shoot lasers out of his eyes, but if you ask me, that's way cooler than a stupid little pellet.

What Crash Man is referring to in the third panel is Metal Man's infamous weakness against his own weapon. What's interesting though, is that Dr. Wily is clearly lying here. Of course he lets his own creations' weapons work against him. His end boss machines are always particularly vulnerable to at least one of the Robot Masters' weapons; it's just a matter of figuring out which one it is before he kills you.

Oddly enough, while the first panel has simplified effects, as would be expected from an 8-bit parody, the last panel goes back to lens flares. I guess I simply forgot about my self-imposed effects limitations.
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