Friday, June 22nd, 2001 #434
Back in the Future Let's Get Out of Here
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The dialogue in this one alway seemed a little forced to me, probably because, well, it was. I figured that if the whole thing was going to be a big time loop, I'd just go ahead and make up some explanations for everything that happened while Mega Man was freaking out.

So X's line was there to explain why Mega Man became so paranoid, even though there's really no conceivable reason for him to say something like that, and Bass's line was to make Mega Man feel like it had something to do with the Author, which is also relatively pointless, but at least it seems like something Bass would actually say.

And again, though I probably don't need to point this out, all of this was made up on the spot. I saw a way to make everything loop in on itself and I went with it. During the "Just Another Day" storyline, I had absolutely no idea I would be doing this time loop and I had absolutely no reason for having Mega Man go paranoid. But doesn't everything just fit better if it seems like I had it all planned out in the first place?
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