Wednesday, November 8th, 2000 #208
Just Another Day The Attack of the Foreshadowing
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I'm pretty sure I had no idea why Mega Man was running. If I had actually come up with some idea directly involving the Author, I've long since forgotten. But I probably figured it couldn't hurt to blame the whole thing on the Author; after all, I could always retcon that in later if I had to. (Just like I actually did.)

Of course, I had no idea I would the whole thing would end up a circular time loop. But when I was finishing up the Second Megaman Game, I realized that having everyone stop off at the beginning of this storyline would be an opportunity that I couldn't pass up. And in case you're wondering what that has to do with the Author, my thinking was that Mega Man had seen himself without his helmet, and in that state he looks just like the Author, so Mega Man presumably thought he was seeing the Author in his shock. I know it's a rather weak idea and a bit convoluted, but it was the best idea that fit reasonably well, and I'm pretty sure that's how retcons usually work.

Well, anyway, the ominous foreshadowing returns, although it's completely unrelated from the previous ominous foreshadowing.
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