Wednesday, November 22nd, 2000 #222
Not Just Another Day Big Robotic Children
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Blocking has always been a problem for me, especially in the early days. (In case you're wondering, "blocking" is deciding where to place the characters in a play or, in this case, a comic.) I mean, you notice that the two Proto Men are closer in the second panel than the first. That's because I wanted to show Mega Man and the Author imposter (who's on the right side still) running off. But it wouldn't make much sense for them to be closer to the center than the two Proto Men if they're running away, so I placed them at the edges of the panel. But you can clearly see that the two Proto Men end up being in different locations, closer to each other, than they are in the first panel. What I probably should've done is have Proto Man and his imposter closer together in the first panel in the first place, so not only would there be less of a difference between the panels, but it could be rationalized away by imagining that they're moving toward each other as the other two are running away.

Of course, if I'd done that, then all of the characters would be far too crowded in the first panel, with wasted space near the edges of the panel. *Sigh.* You can't win.

And if that wasn't bad enough, I think you should always end your comic with the punchline (and/or whatever the ultimate point of the comic is), and I didn't do that in this comic. Clearly the punchline is Proto Man and his imposter acting like children, but that's followed by Mega Man's line and the Author imposter's line. It makes sense in terms of them wanting to get out of there before the other two start firing, but in terms of punchline mechanics, it doesn't work. Those lines should definitely come before the punchlines. Though, then the punchlines aren't coming directly after the setup line the (real) Author feeds them in the first panel, and that won't work at all. Maybe I should've not had Mega Man or the Author imposter say anything at all, just have them run way. Or perhaps I should've used a smaller font, to indicate that they're lines aren't significant. Bah.

And I bet you thought making comics was easy.
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