Sunday, November 5th, 2000 #205
Just Another Day Lunatics Never Listen
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I think there's an unwritten rule in storytelling that if the hero is going to fail at something, and then later succeed, he has to fail twice before succeeding. See, if he only fails once, then we won't really know how difficult it was to do. But if he fails more than twice, then we start to get bored with his failing, and we lose interest. No, I think three attempts total (two failures and one success) is just the right number for maximum drama and minimum boredome.

Perhaps the reasoning is that it takes two failed attempts before the hero gets really serious, whereupon he can finally succeed. Or it's just lazy writing. Either way, this is the second failed attempt by the Author to stop Mega Man, so clearly his next attempt should succeed.

Unless I've recognized the pattern and am purposefully breaking the pattern to make a point about it. But I'm just not that post-modern.
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