Thursday, November 30th, 2000 #230
Not Just Another Day The Introduction of the Imposter
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I was really hoping the readers had guessed who the imposter was by now. I mean, here he says that he's been in the comic before, but since we hadn't seen that sprite before, he must've been in the hand-drawn comics, and with that hair color, the answer should have been pretty obvious. I hoped.

When I was "designing" George's sprite, I couldn't decided what color scheme to use. I eventually settled on the blue and gray that I would use for the rest of the comic's run, but I originally planned for George to change his outfit several times over the years. But by the time I thought I about changing his clothes, his color scheme had become such a part of him, and I couldn't bring myself to change it.

However, when the chat room started up years later, the room's bot was also named George, and one of the admins asked if I had a sprite they could use. They didn't want to use George's regular sprite, since the bot wasn't the same as the character, so it gave me a chance to use one of the different color schemes I made up.

As you can see below, the first sprite is the one I ended up using. The second sprite, green and gray, is the sprite used by the chat room. I never used the red and gray because it looks a little too much like pink. You'll note that all three color schemes use Proto Man's gray with a color scheme provided by the eyes from one of the bosses at the end of Megaman X, apparently called Rangda. The fourth sprite is actually the first I made, with a mix of Proto Man and Mega Man's color schemes. The fifth is the same color scheme as Bob, which sorta made sense at the time. And the last there was a mix of Bob and Mega Man's color schemes. And now you know.

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