Friday, December 1st, 2000 #231
The Introduction of George Mega Man's Trip
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This comic reminds me of the story behind the Vulcan Neck Pinch. According to Leonard Nimoy, during the filming of an early Star Trek episode, the script called for Spock to punch another character and knock him out. Nimoy felt that such an action was too unsophisticated for the likes of Spock, so he invented the neck pinch as a way to incapacitate an enemy without resorting to just punching them.

I needed a way to get Mega Man to stop running again, but since George can't produce an invisible wall like the Author, I selected a simple, more straightforward method that was relatively easy to sprite. Sure, the Author could've tripped Mega Man too, but if you can produce invisible walls, why wouldn't you?

I suppose George could've probably shocked Mega Man to get him to stop, but I didn't want to give away that aspect of his character just yet.
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