Sunday, November 26th, 2000 #226
Not Just Another Day Always Bet on Proto Man
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For some reason this comic reminds me of those scenes in movies where someone in a vehicle is attempting to run down someone on foot, and that idiot just runs in a straight line. Why doesn't it ever occur to anyone to run at right angles to the oncoming vehicle? Don't people realize that a person on foot is highly more maneuverable than someone in a car? I was watching a particularly stupid show a while back, where this big giant planet-eating planet is bearing down on a smaller planet (don't ask), and the planets (which have engines, don't ask)tries to escape by flying directly away from the planet-eating planet. What the hell? Why not try turning?! If you ask me, if a planet-eating planet is coming after your planet and you're too stupid to turn your planet off the path of destruction, you and your planet deserve to be eaten. Anyway, I made sure to have Proto Man just jump out of the way and fire at his imposter's back while the imposter's momentum drags him forward. Proto Man can't really turn because it's a two-dimensional comic, but jumping out of the way is just as good.

By the way, this comic explains Bob's the imposter's costume colors. You see, he never bothers getting his own outfit like his brother; for the entire rest of the comic, he's wearing that Proto Man costume. All the color has simply been scorched off from Proto Man's blast (and later when he burns off his "Halloween" costume).
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