Saturday, November 25th, 2000 #225
Not Just Another Day True Friendship
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If there's one thing I've learned from Alfred Hitchcock and good horror movies, it's that if you don't show something happening, the audience will inevitably fill in the gaps with something way cooler than you ever hope to actually show. Think about it. Would Jaws have been nearly so spectacular if you'd actually been able to see the cheesy animatronic shark from the very beginning? Or would Signs have been nearly as scary if you'd been able to see the stupid, water-dissolving aliens in anything other than flashes?

In this case, I knew I could never do the super-cool battle between Proto Man and his imposter justice, so I just had it take place off-screen, where you could only hear it and see how other characters respond to it, making it more super-cool than I could possibly hope if I'd actually shown it, especially using the spriting skills I had at the time. That and this was way easier to make.

The joke about betting on the outcome is reminiscent of the bet George made concerning the Author.
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