Thursday, November 23rd, 2000 #223
Not Just Another Day Mega Man's Realization
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I have no idea how Mega Man figured out who the imposters were. I can only imagine that something about one of the imposters, mostly likely the Author imposter, triggered something in Mega Man's memory that made him think he knew who they were. Or maybe he was completely wrong and only thought he knew who the imposters were, but thinking he was right, felt impelled to run back and warn someone.

Or maybe I realized that having the main character of the comic running away from the central conflict in the comic was a stupid idea and had to find some way, no matter how baseless, to get him back into the action.

Or maybe he thought they were the shapeshifting aliens that I had first planned on them being, so he was actually channeling my discarded thoughts from earlier in the storyline. At least that fits if you retcon it enough.
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